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2007 Mustang GT convertable Door Window does not go all the way up!

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Posted: 01/11/14 04:37 PM

Normally, when you open the door on the convertible...It goes down approximately an inch and then goes back up when the door is shut. My problem is that when the passenger door is opened, the window will go down but will not go up that 1 inch when shut again! I have to put the rest of the window up with the main power window switch on my drivers door. What is causing this problem and what parts or repairs do I need to do to rectify this problem? Thank You  

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Posted: 01/12/14 01:56 AM

thats a good one..  

might have a bad door switch..

when you open the door. do the interior lights come on?????

when you close the door do the interior lights go out..

you could have a bad courtesy lamp switch..  seems these send a signal to the window motor controller.. that when the door opens the window motor controller  is ask for a short drop.  the reverse probably happens.. when the door closes.. the signal switches..

please DO NOT GO PROBING around with a TEST LIGHT.. THESE ARE LOGIC level circuits..  the don't have power and ground.. the have pulses of 1 and spaces of ZEROs..  its LOGIC..  touch that with out a logic probe.. you will start burning out very expensive circuit devices..

i think the passenger door courtesy light switch is around 65 bucks from ford..

with the cost of diagnostic time.. it might be worth it to just go in and replace it your self with a new one..

drivers side...

2007Mustangdriversdoorwiring Zpsf6196ded

passengers side..

2007Mustangpassengerdoorwiring Zps95871483

interior light diagram

do you see the yellow wire in this circuit below.. goes to the passenger door short drop circuit on the motor..

the black section is grounded to G203 as seen below.. if the ground is loose.. you may not have enough current to operate the circuit..  clean the grounds..

2007Mustanginteriorlightsdiagram Zps50ad80c4

i would also dig into the right kick panel and remove and clean the G203 ground connection...

2007Mustang G203 G205 Zps1ea00b18

you will also want to dig in and clean the G107 ground location.. which is on top of the passenger side frame rail.. it needs to be taken off .. wire brushed and reinstalled..

2007Mustangunderhoodgrounds Zps1559ba45

i would do the ground cleaning before i did any other work..  or switch replacement..

why clean G107. because that is the connection between the battery negative post and the body.. to supply the entire car with electrons on the negative side..  its like making sure the extension cord is plugged into the wall when the saw quits..

it will be quicker for you to clean the grounds than it took me to paste together all this info in the middle of the night..  

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Posted: 01/12/14 11:20 AM

like i said... if you want to probe things... either use a digital volt meter or a logic probe.


note.. this logic probe test light has a circuit board and LEDs.. it draws no current because its powered by the wires.. not the contact with the probe...

Image 12931  

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