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My father bought a 64 1/2 200 cubic 6 cyl Hardtop I have heard you

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Posted: 01/14/14 02:55 PM

I have heard you can tell which number and day produced by Vin Number.

Can anyone tell me how to do this.



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Posted: 01/14/14 07:52 PM

67 up... i don't know if anything is available for the 64 1/2 .. one of the forum members might know...  

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Posted: 01/15/14 03:02 AM

there is a book with this info.

kevin marti at martiautoworks will also know.  

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Posted: 01/15/14 06:10 AM

the date is on the door tag, 26H was built on the 26 day of August 1964, A= jan B=Feb and so on for 1964, N=January 1965 P=feb q=march 1965, cars built before August 17 1964 are 64 1/2  from August 17 are 1965 model year  

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