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1967 Mustang acceleration/carb problems?

New User
Posts: 6
Joined: 10/13
Posted: 01/25/14 11:43 AM

I have a 1967 mustang 200ci inline 6, that has been having trouble accelerating. Whenever I want to give it a bit more gas (ex. on the freeway) it starts to surge and feels like the car is jerking. The mustang also frequently dies on me, usually after I've been on the freeway going fast or if I go up a big hill and stop at the stop light. When it dies, it usually starts idling really rough and low and then sputters out...I've changed the fuel filter in case that was clogged but clearly I have a bigger problem on my hand. Anyone know what this could possibly be?  

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Posts: 105
Joined: 10/13
Posted: 01/25/14 04:17 PM

do me a favor first..  its UGLY.. but it works..

stop at the parts store.. pick up a fuel filter for a 90 ford ranger pickup..

pick up some fresh 5/16" fuel hose.. and 4 small hose clamps usually #2's or #6 clamps

install the new fuel filter between the frame and the inlet of the fuel pump..

get the engine started again...   with a pair of needle nose pilers in one hand.. use the other to bring the ENGINE rpms up to around 1500 or 2000 rpms.. pinch off the fuel line between the new filter and the pump.. and hold it while you keep the RPMS up..  when the RPMs start to drop.. release the pliers..  this will let the fuel surge thru the pump and into the wide open needle and seat in the carb..

perform this 3 or 4 times..


because there is a LOT of sediment in fuel nowadays..  a magnet in the fuel tank will help..  the fuel injection type of fuel filter has a 5 or 7 micron element..

this will prevent the sediment from holding the fuel pump check valves open..

when that happens..  there is no fuel pressure between the pump and carb..  the fuel in the lines can boil and expand.. pushing the fuel all the way back to the fuel tank.. i see this several times a week..

want to have some fun.. remove the fuel line from the carb..  extend it with some hose and blow into the line.. i would almost bet you that you can blow bubbles in the fuel tank when you blow in there.

oh... if you can get some magnets into the fuel tank.. stuck to the bottom.. that will help in most cases..  the sediment is RUST.. finely ground from rocking around in the tank.. it is attracted to magnets.. you could even break an old speaker apart for the magnet and stick it to the bottom of the tank.. and that would attract the sediment to it. as long as you don't ever move it..

don't believe me.. take the line off at the carb and blow into it..

hope you don't have a full tank  as you will blow bubbles and gas right out the filler neck or vent..

start there... cost.. under 20 bucks..  don't like it.. take it out later..  

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