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1966 Mustang front end steering/ suspension

Eric Ohlson
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Posted: 02/03/14 06:11 PM

Can anyone recommend the best upgrade package for steering/suspension for my stock 1966 GT  

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Posted: 02/03/14 10:38 PM

this is a starting point..



there are a bunch more articles in the many pages of the TECH and HOW TO Sections above.. and even more in the archives via the search window above right..

and there are 4 mustang magazine sites here.. and some is covered in the other car magazines here also..  

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Posted: 02/04/14 10:23 AM

How much better? Power Rack and pinion better?

A 1 inch front swaybar with performance bushings and performance KYB Gas-a-just shocks and poly bushings and poly strut rod bushings will do wonders for body roll and steering response. I also have a 5/8" rear sway bar. My 66 corners like a go cart.  

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Posted: 01/05/17 02:22 AM

I have a 65 fastback that I am looking to upgrade front and rear suspension and disc brakes.  I'm not racing just driving. There are many options available and I would like some advice.  I was thinking mustang II front with rack and pinion steering but have no idea about rear.  I was looking at geared enterprises front suspension package.  Any thoughts?  I have seen the article with several options in mustang monthly.  

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