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Petronix Distributor

New User
Posts: 19
Joined: 09/08
Posted: 02/19/14 02:38 PM

I have a '66 w/289 two barrel.  I replaced the distributor with a Petronix distributor and bypassed the pink wire.  I also replaced the coil with the recommended Flame-Thrower coil.  The Mustang hasn't run the same since.  I'm thinking of putting back the original distributor but still use the Petronix ignition.  Also, timing is easier to adjust with the original distributor.  Any thoughts?  

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Posts: 103
Joined: 10/13
Posted: 02/20/14 12:32 AM

just curious.. what does not work as good..  there might be an easy fix????

when checking the timing.. to you also check for MAX advance? about 2800 Rpms

this is done with one person working the throttle and the other aiming the timing light with the advance knob at zero.. when the timing mark stops moving.. turn the advance knob until the timing mark lines up with zero..

then look at the pointer on the advance knob.. where is it aiming??  

if your old distributor was installed.. you could do the same and that makes it easier to set total advance..

guess. what..  if you had the original distributor installed..  with the vacuum advance hoses disconnected.. perform the same thing.. using care and a TACHOMETER to watch the RPMS when the mechanical advance moved.. you could actually chart the mechanical advance on graph paper.. or just on a grid.. at what rpm does it start to move..  how much at 1000, 1500, 1800, 2000.. when it stops... and max on the mechanical..

on the vacuum advance.. this will take a hand vacuum pump.. you can perform a similar test.. just doing so at idle.. and increasing the vacuum.... so pump it to 5 inches of vacuum. how much did it move.. 10 inches..  15 inches.. where does it stop moving..

describe your issues..  

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New User
Posts: 19
Joined: 09/08
Posted: 02/21/14 01:35 PM

Thanx for reply.  Will try suggestions and let you know.  

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