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79 mustang conversion 4 - 8 cyl

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Posted: 08/11/13 04:32 PM

I not long ago acquired this 79 mustang and have 0 knowledge on its history.  But am learning every time I do more work on it(lol). The vin # tells me this car originally had a 4 cyl in it. I bought it with a 289. The motor tag tells me it is a 67 289 motor in it. I first noticed the tranny mount on the cross member had 1 bolt in it. So after removing the exhaust to pull the bracket. I discovered it is not the right transmission mount. Bolted to the tranny, but the the bolts were to big and to far apart, to fit the bracket. So someone cut off 1 bolt, and cut the hole bigger on the bracket. So.... I checked the motor mounts. And sure enough, it looks like 1 bolt on one of the mounts has been cut off to fit. Both are worn so bad it was hard tell.
 I want to replace all the mounts am not sure on what to replace it with. My question is.. Will the 289  original motor mounts bolt up to this car? And, will the 79 tranny mount fit the tranny when I replace it? Assuming the tranny came with the motor.  
Thanks any and all help..

I have an 87 I am using some parts off of. And noticed the tranny mounts on it appear to  fit my 79.

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Posted: 08/11/13 05:40 PM

you might want to check out this transmission mount from energy suspension..

4.1104 Transmission Mount - Ford

it has 3 holes where it bolts down to the cross member...

5 9/16 to 5 5/8" center to center on the bolts into the transmission tail housing.

as for the motor mount.. the factory ones used a bolt on bracket to the motor as i recall. there are all kinds of mounts available to fit the 79 fox body with a V8..  

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Posted: 08/12/13 06:35 AM

Wayne is correct, use Fox Mustang V-8 engine mounts. The small-block bolt pattern is the same, no matter the year, it's the frame side of the mount that differs from car line to car line. Original 289 mounts will not work in the Fox Mustang ('79-'93). Just pick up a set of stock or aftermarket V-8 mounts for a Fox Mustang and you'll be fine.

As for the trans, it would help if we knew what trans it was. It could be a vintage C4. Knowing what trans it is will help determine the proper mount.

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Posted: 08/12/13 07:15 AM

Thank you so much Wayne and Mark. You guys are an asset to the world. I am pulling the motor and tranny. I can not quite see the numbers on the tranny to determine what it is. And I want to clean/undercoat the under carriage as well.  I plan on giving it to my grandson when he graduates in 2 years. And really want to do good on it.
Thanks again..
Don Wink  

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