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2.3 l mustang muffler

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Posted: 03/26/14 08:41 AM

Does anybody know of a source for a replacement muffler for 2.3l mustangs?  I'm sick of the cheap Mavis ones.  I've had 2 in a row that started to lift up from the seam that runs along the muffler body and then they rattle. I don't want a cheap one from Autozone, but a quality one that is welded along the seam.  The ones I see online all seem to be for 5.0 mustangs.  

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Posted: 03/26/14 09:29 AM

1988 2.3L Mustang Fastback

there are actually several qualities of mufflers available. depending on the application..

i looked over at walker exhaust..  yes probably found at AZ.. but there is walker or maremont..  and a few smaller independent companies..

18233 is one..

ultra flow stainless steel 17271

trufit 18157

universal sound FX 17815

superturbo 17736

since you have gone thru several mufflers.. so the system might be chopped up l..

the intermediate pipe from the rear flange on the cat to the front of the muffler is 42783..

the tail pipe  from the back of the muffler over the axle is 44859.. and a hanger rubber# 35460

you will need a 31885 which is the flange for the forward connection of the intermediate pipe..

one 35335 muffler clamp for the front of the muffler..

one 35408 muffler clamp for the rear of the muffler.

35243 is the bracket that bolts to the muffler to hang it from the 35466 rubber insulator..

look up the ecatalog at walkerexhaust dot com.

i just gave you the important numbers..

there are some foot notes as some of the mufflers need additional brackets and heat shields for a proper installation..

oh.. a hint  punch the part numbers of the mufflers into a goggle image search followed by walker  and a picture of the mufflers pipes or brackets will show up..

want a laugh.. continue reading..

i went over to visit a friend..  nope.. he's not home.. but the guy across the street is.. and he is working on his car.. a 62 buick invicta.

i stop and see whats happening.. he said he did a tune up and could not get it to start..  i pulled the cap and inspected the points he put in. oh.. you put the wire on the wrong side of the clip.. i readjusted the point adjustment by eye..

try it now..   KABOOOOOMMMM...  there was a MASSIVE explosion under the car.. my pants legs were flapping from the blast under the car..  wow.. what a backfire..

i leaned down and looked under the car..  the round bodied muffler skin was completely unwrapped and laying as flat as a newspaper page on the ground under the back of the car. i could see the midas diamonds in it..  i started laughing.. i was actually rolling on the ground holding my ribs as they were cramping i was laughing so hard..  he came around the front of the car and started kicking me.. yelling stop laughing at my car.. i just laughed harder..  i am not laughing at your car.. i am laughing at how are you ever going to explain that to midas when you drive in for a warrantee..

i would have opened the trunk.. pulled out the unwrapped and flattened midas muffler skin.. and ask..

May i have another please..

i used to drive past that midas..  i could see something that looked like that muffler skin on the back wall..  i never went in to ask about it..  

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Posted: 03/26/14 10:26 AM

Thanks.  Funny story about the muffler.  I thought I had it bad.  

I looked over the product numbers you refer to.  Any idea what size the inlet and outlet diameters should be on a stock 2.3l?  Some of the products have 2 inch inlets and outlets and others have 2 1/4.  

I'm worried my crap muffler currently on my car may even be 2 1/2 inlet and 2 1/4 outlet since the pipe going into the muffler looks bigger than the pipe coming out.  Not sure what happened there if that's the case.  

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Posted: 03/26/14 02:40 PM

that's why i listed the tube from the back of the cat.. to the front of the muffler..

look up some of them at AZ.. it shows the info..  it looks like 2" in and out.. a 14" muffler body.. 18" overall length..

i checked at az

the intermediate pipe 42783  its 11 bucks.. at az

the tail pipe 44859 is 20 bucks..

the muffler 18233 is just under 50 .
the super turbo muff 17736 is almost 80 ..






that's going to be quick and easy to create a mostly new system...

look up the chart at walker exhaust dot com  

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