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Help with 2000 Mustang

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Posted: 03/15/14 11:11 AM

I have a 2000 Mustang Convertible that overheated and quit in North Fl on my way up to Tennessee (moving there)... this was about six months ago, I left it at one of my daughters friends parents house and continued my move... I was hoping that it was just a blown head gasket because just prior to that I had spent 1800 on a transmission rebuild, fully warranted at a well known shop..
My Daughters friends husband who is not a certified mechanic , but very inclined, pulled the engine and told me that it is "water logged" I AM NOT mechanically inclined... his recommendation is to put an new engine in it. (or used)

I am assuming this will be about 2k.. with labor included. I have had friends and other mechanics tell me that the water log issued could still be just the gaskets as the engine only had 127,000 miles on it before it overheated and quit.....
So, I am looking for advice here? What would you do?, the tranny only has about 150 miles on it.. I had just had it done before this mess..... I have listed the car on Craigslist as a "mechanics special" without a price and have had not one hit... This is a 3.8 lter V-6 not a GT.. or Would def fix it.... also it has an after market hood and bumper on it.... due to the fact that it had a collision with Bambi..  , I only had liability on it. and the repair at a shop was over 2k.. so I went cheap and had someone I know do it .... the hood and bumper are still black... also missing the mustang grill..... not bad looking otherwise.... just not "perfect" So.... any advice , comments would be appreciated..... Thanks!!!  

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