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91 mustang gt car has power when key is out out ignition

Ray Duvall
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Posted: 04/08/14 09:36 PM

I have a 91 mustang gt for some reason when I turn the car off and take the key out I can still roll my windows up radio doesn't turn off anybody have any reason's why it's doing this.  

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Posted: 04/09/14 02:32 AM

you could have one or two or even three problems...

when you rotate the ignition key from the RUN position.. back to the LOCK position.. does it fell normal??? or does it feel disconnected???

there have been issues where the lock actuator has failed.. broken.. so the ignition switch is only part way in command of the ignition key..

this is embedded in the steering column and with moderate skills.. its changeable..

Ignition Lock Actuator Ford Zps7bd02783

here is the ignition switch.. i have had these separate..  where the plastic part will drop part way out of the metal housing .. loosing contact..

LS514 Ford Ignition Switch Zps3959545c

you could also have a burned ignition switch above.. and a burned connector to it..

that would also keep the power on in some instances..

last thing.. i can think of.. might be that somebody modified the wiring somehow..  

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