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289 engine painting

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Posted: 09/04/13 05:08 AM

I have a 66 mustang coupe 289 cid
i am about to paint my engine and was wondering if it is normally painted as an assembly or apart. some pics i see show the hardware painted and some show the hardware unpainted leading me to believe that it is painted apart then assembled with new or restored fasteners.
Any light you guys could shed on this topic would be greatly appriciated.

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Posted: 09/04/13 07:30 AM

Shane, I assume you're looking for "correctness" when it comes to painting your '66's small-block? Here are some painting tips for your engine:

-The 1966 Mustang engines (block, heads, intake) were painted dark Ford blue (not the light pastel color).This includes their fasteners.

-Engines were painted with all "tin" on them (valve covers, oil pan, etc.) but not the engine accessories.

-Timing cover and water pump were installed at the time of painting as well.

-Exhaust manifolds were installed at the time of painting and can show some blue overspray.

-Accessory mounting brackets, fan, crank and water pump pulleys are chassis black

-Alternator is natural finish with cad/zinc plated fan and pulley

-Fan spacer is natural aluminum

-Power steering pump, if equipped is painted a teal-like blue. You'll find PS pump paint available from Mustang vendors.

-A/C compressor, if equipped, will also be chassis black

-Air cleaner housing (closed element) is painted Dark Ford Blue to match the engine.

Here is a pic of my engine, though I have the dress up kit on it (VC, air cleaner).

1966 Ford Mustang 66 289 Engine

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Mustang Monthly Magazine

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Posted: 09/04/13 07:57 AM

Awesome! Thanks Mark.
I have power steering and AC and was under the impression that my pump was chassis black. i will look for the proper blue.
I have restored my manifolds and painted with new cast paint.
and am just finishing up with the rebuild. i will assemble the heads,intake,oil pan, timing cover and waterpump then hit it with the dark corparate blue paint. i have already done my accesories and brackets in chassis black.
i will likely put my manifolds on when the blue paint work is complete

Thanks again for your time and detailed response  

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Posted: 09/04/13 12:51 PM

And if you need any more guidance, Mr Smart put together this cool article of engine finishes for all of the years:


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