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Can you help me identify my straight six?

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Posted: 05/19/14 10:12 AM

My dad and I are fixing up a '66 Mustang for my first car (it was also his first car).
We're rebuilding a Straight six to put in it. We know it came out of a Falcon, and I did some research and figured out it's probably a '61 engine. However, I can't figure out if it's a 144 or 170. I pulled off a tube where there is supposed to be an 'N' or a 'T' stamped on to identify this. The problem is I can't see an 'N' or a 'T' anywhere. I have the engine number, the intake manifold number, and the firing order. Also I can add some pics if need be.

Engine No: C1DE - 6015 - A    (then there's an X several spaces after the A, I have no idea what this means.)

Intake Manifold: C1UE - 6090 - A

Firing Order: 153624

There is also a number beneath the valve cover (I think) that is somewhat illegible, I might be able to read it if I cleaned it off. A "FoMoCo" is stamped next to it in a box... Any help is greatly appreciated!!  

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