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429SCJ C6 torque converter. have you ever seen one before..

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Posted: 06/11/14 03:13 PM

ever seen one of these before.. note that instead of welded on round studs. this has big brackets that are welded on and hardened studs for the converter nuts ..

i thought you guys might enjoy this..
and a heads up.. this is out of a 70 torino cobra 429SCJ.. and it has the 1.848" pilot.. it won't fit the later 429 cranks that have the first step of the pilot at 1.820" those cranks require the later torque converters with the extended 1.375" pilot..

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Posted: 07/26/14 02:29 PM

Not really a reply, but C6 question.  I want to transplant a 66 428 and C6 from a Galaxie into my 69 Mach 1. The trans in the Mustang is an FMX.  Where do I get a shift lever transfer bar to make the C6 work with the current shifter? Also, does the "ear" on the side of the trans need to point up or down? thanks  

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