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Complete kick tail sound system?

Marc Ness
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Posted: 06/12/14 10:58 AM

Hi guys --

Well I would like to put in an awesome sound system in my 1970. There is nothing in there right now.

Any ideas what I should look at? Custom Audio sound?

I want it to be loud ... Wink  

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Posted: 06/13/14 09:08 AM

there are so many ways to go.. depending on how loud and how deep your pockets are..

a very loud car stereo pulled up behind be.. yes. it was in a car.. i looked in my mirrors and i could see shock waves coming off the quarter panels.   shock waves in the air.. (((((car))))))    i was probably 4 or 5 cars up from it and my car was vibrating..

copy and paste this into google  or google maps

11th and central ave los angeles 90021

then click search nearby.. for electronics or   car audio

you will find some of the wholesale suppliers  

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Posted: 06/13/14 11:53 AM

Use some ear buds and leave everyone around you alone. We are not amused at your assault. Get louder exhausts or straight pipes. Now that's music.  

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