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67 channel frame (window guide)

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Posted: 11/11/13 11:09 AM

Hi...I am looking for a small triangular white metal bracket that bolts onto the LH (drivers side)channel frame DR window guide. I have 2 RT hand ones but they are not interchangable. Have checked numerous suppliers catalogues but to no avail?
Anyone knowing where I can get one at a reasonable price (have an old dr laying out back with all the components)
Do not want to assemble window without installing this part!

It measures 1"X 1 3/8"X 1 1/4"....white metal with a notch in it and triangular shape...fits LFT Door only. : Wink  

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Posted: 11/11/13 04:41 PM

i cannot visualize it...

can you take pictures of the WRONG SIde and post them. along with an image of the door with some blue masking tape layed out where it would fit..  

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Posted: 11/12/13 09:38 AM

The triangle shaped piece with a rubber stopper on it is called a window track stop. It is used as part of the three adjustable stops Ford used in the '67-'68 Mustang and Cougar door glass assembly. You can find them on eBay if you don't want to tear into your good spare door.

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