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Styled Steel Wheel Restoration

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Posted: 11/17/13 06:42 PM

Does anyone have a good source of information for how to restore/maintain styled steel wheels?  I bought a used set and they need a good cleaning, polishing and probably some fresh paint.  Also how to clean/polish the center caps without scratching them up.  Thanks.  

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Posted: 11/18/13 09:12 AM

Many moons ago I simply used masking tape to tape off the spokes for painting and erroneously painted them black (we're talking 1985 here). You can now get the correct argent wheel paint from any Mustang vendor. Unfortunately the only paint masks made today are for the Magnum 500, so you'll still have to hand mask the wheels with painter's tape.

Center caps are available in reproduction if yours are too far gone to clean up. They are chrome plated metal, so a standard chrome polish or even wax should brighten them up. You can carefully use 0000 fine steel wool to clean minor rust/pitting from the wheels and center caps too.

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