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5.0 block with toploader trans

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Posted: 10/06/14 08:04 PM

My 289 engine in my 67 Fastback is running out of time. It's at 40 over, crank is 20/20 and it's making knocks.  So, I was thinking of using an 85 5.0 roller block that I have to stroke my engine to 347". I believe that my water pump and timing cover will work from the 289-so I don't need a new radiator for the reverse rotating water pump on the 5,0. Heads, intake manifold and carb should work.  A 5.0 distributor would be needed-I have one. My headers should bolt up. I have to get a clutch adapter for the toploader I believe-cheaper than a hydraulic conversion? Flywheel and harmonic balancer need to change??-or does that get determined by the stroker components? Someone has had to do this before me I bet, so correct me if I'm wrong, or please feel free to criticize or make suggestions. I appreciate it. thanks  

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Posted: 10/22/14 07:20 AM

If you're going to a 347 stroker the stroker kit uses the early 28 oz balance, so you could retain your factory balancer and flywheel without issue. However, I would make sure the balancer is in good shape and have the crank, balancer, flywheel, and rods balanced at a reputable shop.

You are correct in that you can use your vintage timing cover and water pump on the 5.0L block. Your oil pan as well. Simply use a front sump pickup on the 5.0L's oil pump and use a small core plug to seal the dipstick hole in the side of the block casting.

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