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Headers vs hi-po exaust manifold.

Walter Smith81
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Posted: 10/18/14 11:35 AM

I have 66 mustang 289.I would like to kick up the exhaust system. but I am divided on   the Hi-Po manifold or headers .would like some opinions .

        thank, you.
  Walter Smith.  

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Posted: 10/21/14 08:51 AM

The Hi-Po manifolds offer a great fit and exceptional ground clearance, plus with a matching Hi-Po H-pipe the system is a bolt-on. I have Hi-Po manifolds and H-pipe on my '66 with 289 and C4 and use the NPD "stock look" but larger diameter 2 1/4-inch dual exhaust system. Sounds nice, fit is perfect.

Long tube headers will certainly give you more power, but can interfere with the factory power steering (requiring a drop bracket for the ram cylinder) and reduce ground clearance.

If your 289 is mild (cam, intake, carb) I would recommend the Hi-Po route. If you have some aftermarket aluminum heads, big cam, etc and making more steam then go the long tube route, but be ready for a trip to the exhaust shop to get it all burned in and connected.

Mark Houlahan
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