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Rob Kinnan editor of Mustang Monthly, WOW !!!

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Posted: 12/23/14 08:51 AM

Does anyone else find it amusing/scary that Rob Kinnan is the new editor of Mustang Monthly (MM).  When he was editor of Hot Chevy (Hot Rod), it was Chevy this and Camaro that.  As a long time subscriber to HR, in the first issue I grabbed, his editor's letter says, "By the time I got my driver's license, my Camaro already had way too much cam shaft and way too stock converter, and" etc. etc.  

In his first editorial at MM, he tries to say he is a Ford guy.  After reading his articles in HR, I didn't know Rob ever owned a Ford.  I bet he doesn't own one now!  Now if we could just get Jeff Smith, (Mr. Small Block Chevy),  from Camaro Craft (Car Craft), as tech editor,  life would be perfect, haha.

If it wasn't for Bob Perkins, Dave Stribling, and Jerry Heasley, I would cancel my life long subscription to MM.

I hope Rob turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to MM, but I have my doubts.

Bet this post doesn't last long!!  

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