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Interior dye and paint

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Posted: 11/23/14 06:36 PM

Hi guys,
Looking for some info and suggestions on interior dye.
I have a 69 coupe with the light blue interior. Its all in great shape but most of the door panels and plastic are starting to fade to an almost green color. I replaced the carpet which had also turned green and it really shows how green everything else is in contrast with the nice new blue lol. But anyways, I was looking to take everything out and use the interior paint and dyes that alot of the online stores use. My hesitation is that it is so expensive and I read nothing but bad reviews about the stuff.About it not matching at all or not sticking. I can't tell if thats somebody that isn't prepping or using the products correctly or if they just don't work.
I was looking at rainbow industries brand and also scott drake brand. Everything I look at comes in spray can form. Is this a route to go? As i understand you are to use dye on the seats, and lacquer based paint on the plastics. is that correct also? Smile
  I have considered replacing everything but a couple thousand in interior parts vs. $100 in paint would work alot better for me right now, as I am in my mid 20's with a 1 year old ect. to prioritize over expensive parts right now. I just don't want to do something that would make it look worse. I appreciate all the info and opinions and info in advance and will definitly do some before and after pics If I hear good things from people  

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