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New mustang owner

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Posted: 04/26/14 02:23 PM

I am a new owner of a 1993 mustang 5.0. It runs but i am definitely looking to make significant upgrades to it. I am not worried to much about the money aspect of it (I know it will cost) but I have never worked on a car before and I am looking for any advice a seasoned vet can give me.  

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Posted: 05/02/14 05:48 AM

Mitch, welcome to the world of Mustang ownership! The '87-'93 "Fox" Mustangs are some of the most fun and easy cars to work on. About the highest "tech" on that year is the airbag system. Otherwise the power windows/locks/cruise, etc. are all standard wiring setups. No multiplexing, no extra computers or modules, and so forth.

As for performance, suspension, and braking upgrades, just about anything is available in several budget ranges and save for a few special parts like subframe connectors, all you need are basic hand tools, the ability follow written directions, and some common sense. If you have that you're all set my man!

I bought my '90 brand new and it's been my daily driver for 24 years! If you have any further questions don't hesitate to reply here or ask in the proper forum sub-section. Happy motoring in your Fox!

Mark Houlahan
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