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93 airbag module

hayabusa1--93lx ssp
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Posted: 05/08/14 04:56 PM

I have a problem with my airbag module after I got my car out of the shop it started ringing & this was after having the computer flashed because of the b303 cam an also before the motor was rebuilt my battery stayed charged but now it dies after just sitting for a day or so .... I was wondering if anyone knows if one out of a93 4cynder or if anyone knows of any other ford car or truck that has a airbag module that will interchange or work in the 93 v-8 foxbodies  

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Posted: 05/09/14 08:05 AM

good to see you back...

why not start with the state of charge on the battery.. slow charge it till its fully charged..   then perform the voltage drop test ..


after you have done the voltage drop test...

perform the parasitic draw test..

Current Draw
to find out why the battery is going down..

as for the air bag module..  that will take some research.. do you have a part number on the case???  have you checked the service manual to check for codes..
it could be several different things that are causing the air bag lamp to turn on.. including loose or dirty grounds..

over the weekend i will have a look thru my stuff and see if there is any info on the airbag system.. that's not something i am familiar with..

just a quick look around..   with all the above tests done and any issues repaired..

get in.. turn the key on.. but don't start the engine...  

watch the air bag light...  is it ON... OFF.. or Flashing..

normally the bulb will come on for 3 to 5 seconds then go off..  that's a bulb check..  and totally normal..

if its stays on.. then there is an issue..

if it starts flashing.. and it might take up to a minute to start flashing.

they are two digit codes  write them down..

a code 32 is the clock spring in the steering column below the steering wheel..

this is the procedure a professional mechanic is going to diagnose your car...

a professional parts changer is going to change every part in sight first.. then find the loose ground connections after you have spent 2 grand..  

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hayabusa1--93lx ssp
New User
Posts: 4
Joined: 05/14
Posted: 05/09/14 05:57 PM

thanks nice to   back but i also forgot to mention that i've replaced the gauge cluster with  a Florida 5.0 gauge cluster but ill give the test a try heck I don't know why I didn't do the and count the # of times that the module made that sound before I pulled the dash completely out of  the car  

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