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over heating

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Posted: 06/21/14 06:46 AM

I have a 66 mustang with a 289 4 barrel.  I HAVE AN elect fan on it, it is blowing out thur the radiator, a new water pump, 2 gal of antifreeze, a new thermostat.  Water is flowing good when the thermostat opens . Driving down the hwy (92 degrees outside) the needle stays right in the center. when I get to stop and go traffic it starts getting hot. Its still got the original radiator on it. any ideals would be appriciated  

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Posted: 06/22/14 10:32 AM

what temp thermostat????

what kind of electric fans..   brand.. model number..  pusher or puller...

are you running relays to power the fans with fairly large wires to the relay power circuits to reduce the voltage drop to the fans..

do you have a volt meter to look at charging system voltage .. at idle.. or lower rpms. the alternators installed on these may not put out enough amperage to keep up with the fans usage  dropping the battery and charging system voltage and reducing fan speed..

is the original radiator partially clogged.. look down thru the filler neck.. or use an infrared temp gun back and forth across the hot radiator tubes.. if you find cool ones. then those might be clogged..  having the radiator rodded out or picking up a proper replacement. even going to a slightly larger radiator..

when it gets HOT.. does it overheat and blow the coolant out of the radiator cap and coolant recovery bottle..   do you have a coolant recovery tank..

things you are probably going to need..  a hand held digital volt meter. 7 to 20 bucks..   an infrared temp gun.. 30 to 40 bucks.. some of the 20 buck versions only read to 230F..  and that really does not cover some of the hotter areas of the cooling system.

and normal stuff..  

what temp is your engines thermostat..
what percentage of coolant to water are you running.. 50/50 to 70/30 coolant to water work the best..
what temp do the electric cooling fans come on at.  and do they cycle on and off and back on during normal operation.

i will be around..

post some pictures ,  use photobucket or imgur to upload your images to and paste those links here..  

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