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289 factory 4v upgrade

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Posted: 03/05/15 06:57 PM

I am currently restoring a one owner 1967 Mustang Convertible (289-2v, automatic transmission, power steering, and power top). I would like to upgrade my carborator to to a 1967 4v ( because I read that the 67 carb was a 443 cfm instead of the 68 650 cfm and I am looking for descent gas mileage). Besides the carb with automatic choke and 4v intake manifold, do I need a 4v disributor or can I use the original 2v (are there any other components specific to the 4v I need)?
Kevin T.  

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Posted: 03/10/15 12:43 PM

Generally speaking, the throttle return spring and mounting bracket are specific to the 4V setup, so you'll need those as well.

Unless you have the correct Autolite 4100 already and it is in rebuildable condition and the factory 4V iron manifold I would suggest an aftermarket 4V aluminum intake and carburetor (Holley, Demon, etc.).

The aftermarket parts might just end up being cheaper in the long run and you'll get a bit better fuel atomization and airflow with an aftermarket manifold versus the stock iron unit. Generally I only recommend the stock manifold and 4100 for a strict show-car setup.

If you're concerned about fuel economy and plan to drive the car easy you should just stick with the 2100 2V anyway.

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