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Gas gauge problems

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Posted: 07/16/15 07:54 PM

Hey guys --

My '70 gas gauge will not read correctly. We have replaced sending units -- 6 of them --- including trying a 1969. When we ground it to see if the gauge is the problem, it works perfectly. We replaced he voltage regulator and that was not it either.

Any ideas?

We are running out of ideas.  

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Posted: 08/03/15 07:41 AM

Are you grounding the sending unit wire that is coming from the gauge?

I've seen bad gauges still go to "full" when tested by grounding the wire. It is possible your gauge has failed. The voltage regulator on the dash cluster would normally affect all gauges, so rarely do I replace that unless I'm seeing symptoms of the other gauges having issues as well.

You might wish to try installing a separate ground lead from the tank/sending unit to the chassis, in case the tank is not producing a solid enough ground through its mounting.

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