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Water Pump Gaskets

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Posted: 08/05/15 07:49 AM

I have a 1967 289 Mustang coupe.  I am replacing the water pump and my new pump is cast iron with a backing plate bolted to pump.  There is a gasket glued to the plate with a hard yellow substance.  There is another gasket free floating sandwiched between the pump and backing plate.  Do I need to unbolt the plate and put sealant on this gasket or leave it dry?  What sealant do you recommend when bolting the pump assembly to the engine? Thanks.  

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Posted: 08/11/15 08:49 AM

BD, I find it interesting that the plate to timing cover gasket is already glued in place. These usually come loose in the box. Wondering if you got a pump that was returned to the store?

Regardless, my usual water pump prep is to remove the pump back plate, if it has one, and secure the gasket between the pump and plate with a LIGHT coat of Permatex #2 gasket sealer. Then, I use the same sealer on the gasket between the plate and timing cover. If your pump came with multiple timing cover to pump gaskets double check that they seal the pump's passages correctly by test fitting the gasket to the timing cover face as-well-as the water pump itself.

Often people only test the gasket to the pump and then end up having a leak that is later found to be a mismatched gasket to the timing cover being used.

Good luck with it!
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